Who Knows Best

Things happen to us every day, some we don’t even know about.  Might it be possible that the things in our lives are all meant for our benefit? Continue reading “Who Knows Best”


I Hope They Get It

Today I had a brief conversation with a person who is interested in the Bible.  They attend church regularly but admit that they don’t really consider themselves to be Christian.  I explained in a few short sentences what the church is really all about, money and power.  I told them that the church altered the Torah and that is breaking one of the laws in the Torah itself.  Continue reading “I Hope They Get It”

Why do Good Things Happen to Good People

What is the difference between good and bad?  A simple explanation is that good things benefit us while bad things do not.  But, as is often the case, there is more going on than meets the eye. Continue reading “Why do Good Things Happen to Good People”

Be the Light Not the Lampstand

And He said, “It is too light for you to be My servant, to establish the tribes of Jacob and to bring back the besieged of Israel, but I will make you a light of nations, so that My salvation shall be until the end of the earth.”  Yeshayahu – Isaiah – Chapter 49:6 Continue reading “Be the Light Not the Lampstand”