Where is G-d in this World

Do you know where the creator is?  Do you think we need to bring Him back to our society and into our schools?  Does your religion claim to bring G-d to the rest of the world?  Do you want Him to come into your life?  To find out how, please continue reading.Psalms 23:4 tells us, “Even when I walk in the valley of darkness, I will fear no evil for You are with me;”.    

The creator is already everywhere you can go.  You cannot bring Him somewhere because He is already there.  How will you bring G-d anywhere?  Will you go up to heaven and bring Him down?  Will you travel across the sea and bring Him back?  If one could do such a thing, someone would have already done it.  It sounds foolish when you look at it like this, doesn’t it?

We are created beings, just like animals, plants, and even the earth itself. We have no more power over the creator than does a tree.  So how can you bring Him anywhere?  You cannot.  Now that we are all in our correct places, let’s move on without any delusions of grandeur. Let’s stop thinking that we have any power at all.  Once you realize how powerless you really are, the better off you will be. That being said, you do have the power to submit yourself to the creator.  You just can’t make Him do the things you want Him to do.  He is the master, not you.

So, where is He?  If you say He is everywhere, you have made a tremendous mistake.  Everywhere is a place.  Everywhere can include your home, your state or country, the earth or even the universe. When you think of the universe, you must think of its enormity. It’s beyond huge.  But it is a place.  It is being mapped. Scientists find new galaxies from time to time where they thought there was nothing.  What you are doing, when you say the creator is everywhere, is placing limitations on Him.  It’s like this. Everywhere is a place and you are putting Him in it.  As we already learned, you cannot control Him.  So you cannot say He is everywhere.

What you can say is, everywhere is G-d.  This changes things.  This places the limitations on everywhere instead of on G-d.  All we can really say is that G-d is.  He told us as much in Exodus 3: 14.  He said, “I will be“.  If you think He is not in this world, you are wrong.  If you think He is not in your schools, you are wrong.  If you think He is not in the lowest place you know, you are wrong.  He is.

When we say “He is”, what does it mean?  There isn’t really a word that can follow it because to do so is to place some limitation on Him.  Calling Him “Him” isn’t really appropriate either.  He is neither male nor female. This is only done as a way to make it easier for us to understand.  He doesn’t have anthropomorphic properties at all.  He is absolutely beyond anything we have the capacity to understand.

He is both here and there.  He is above and below.  He is within and without.  He is before and behind.  He is now and then.  He was, is, and will be.  You see.  You can’t put one word after “He is” and be correct.  He is without beginning and without end.  You can spend a lifetime trying to figure out who or where He is and many do just that.  But in doing so, you might just miss everything.

The most amazing thing is that He loves every one of us.  You will never be able to point at one thing and say that is Him.  But you can point at anything and say that is Him.  Don’t be confused.  Let me explain. Obviously, if you point at something and say it is your god, that is idolatry.  But He is everything we know.  He is the trees, the earth, the grocery store, the car you drive, your home, everything is G-d.  More confused?  It’s not that difficult.  We like to think that we are more than what we are.  We give ourselves more credit that we deserve.  Where do we get everything we have? It comes from the creator.  You got your home from Him.  You got the food you eat from Him.  You got your car from Him.  You got your job, your spouse, your kids, your piano, and or anything and everything you think you have from Him.

When He gives to us, He is giving us a part of Himself.  Each and every particle with which you come into contact comes from Him.  It is a part of Him.  So, that computer or phone you are reading from right now is a part of Him that He gave you because He loves you. What you do with it is up to you.  But know that it is a part of Him and He wanted you to have it right now.  Maybe you think you could have it if He didn’t want it to be so. Maybe you think you did it. Do you think you have the power to have something without His approval?  That’s an arrogance of the highest order.  You should get over that.

Maybe now you understand where the creator is.  It’s not that He is everywhere.  Everywhere is Him.  That includes us.  Your soul comes from the creator and so is also a part of Him.  That’s right, we are a part of Him. That is where He is.

Copyright 2016 by:

William Bouker 


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