I Don’t Hate You

I know a lot of Christians.  They are my family, friends, and coworkers. Since learning the truth about their religion, some might think I don’t like them anymore.  If you think like that, you are wrong.  I don’t hate you.  I hate that you are living a lie.  I hate that you won’t study the scriptures to learn the truth.  I hate that you won’t listen to someone who is only trying to help you see the truth.  I hate that you violate scripture with your worship of a man.  But, I don’t hate you.

Every morning I take upon myself to fulfill the commandment of loving your fellow as yourself.  This is not an empty gesture. Those who know me personally, know that I will help anyone and everyone I can.  This is part of the reason I started this blog in the first place; to help others see what I have seen.

The truth is that I feel sorry for those who have not yet learned the truth about Christianity.  I have learned so much and sometimes I take it for granted that others might know some of the basics.  If I have hurt your feelings with the things I write about, I am sorry. However, I am not sorry for writing these things.  Sometimes in life, there are things that just have to be said no matter what the consequences.  In the process, I have lost some friends.  So be it. I can’t force anyone to believe the things I say.  I only hope they know I say these things out of love and sincerity.

We are taught to love one another.  We are also taught to rebuke one another as well.  Too often this is either not done at all, or done in the wrong way.  It is human nature to want to be right.  No one wants to believe the wrong things are true.  Often times when we approach someone and tell them they are wrong, they get defensive. They put up walls to protect themselves.  If I have done this to you, I am sorry.  It was never my intention to put you in a defensive position against the truth.

The problem is that Christianity as a religion never had its own beliefs.  It takes the Torah, both written and oral and infuses it with other religions and schools of thought, mainly Greek and Roman. The problem I have with this is that the Greeks and the Romans were both oppressors of Israel.  Both sought to remove the Torah from the Jewish people.  So, are we to believe these two peoples acted in the best interest of Israel?  That’s just nonsense.  Should we take anything from what they taught?  Both cultures worshiped multiple gods, and could never understand Israel’s worship of one G-d.  This can easily be seen in the concept of the trinity.

According to the church, the trinity makes up what they call the godhead. I find it odd that the word trinity is not found in the Christian bible.  One would think if the trinity were a real thing, it would be all over their bible. There is a reason for this.  The idea of the trinity didn’t come into being until after the new testament was written.  The new testament, as we know it, never existed in the first century.  Yes, parts of it were written then, but none of it was compiled as a complete work until the fourth century.

At the council of Nicea, the early church fathers were called together and instructed to bring any writings they had.  All of these writings were reviewed and some made it into the compilation. Many other writings were left out.  After the compilation, all of the writings brought by the church fathers were destroyed.  Did they have something to hide?  We’ll never know.  When the new testament was compiled, it didn’t contain anything about the trinity.  Did they just forget to include that?  Hardly. They didn’t include it because they didn’t believe in it at that time.  It was added in the fifth century.  So, five hundred years after the time of Jesus, the idea of the trinity took its place in Christian theology.  To put that number into context, five hundred years ago, most people thought the earth was flat and the center of the universe.

Today’s Christians don’t know about this.  They take for granted that their bible is as it was written.  It isn’t.  It has undergone many changes over the centuries and is still being changed today. Many were outraged a few years ago when a few changes were made in certain versions.  Little do they know that these little changes are only the newest in a long line of changes to the Christian bible. It won’t be long until those changes are accepted by the mainstream church.  Look at how quickly the church has embraced homosexuality. This is spoken against in the New Testament, but the churches all over the world are now accepting it.  This has taken less than twenty years.  In another twenty, no one will say anything about it. In a hundred years, it will have been written out of their bibles. In five hundred years, no one will even know it wasn’t always part of the church. This is what has been going on since the beginning of the religion; change according to popular beliefs.

I started off saying that I don’t hate you.  I don’t.  But what has been happening in the church since its inception, goes against the Torah.  I stand by what it says and I do not apologize for that.  If you just happened upon this blog for the first time, I hope you understand what I am saying here.  I can love you as a person, but I cannot love your Christian beliefs. They keep changing.  The Torah we have today is the same as it has always been.  The commandments have not changed.  It is a solid foundation.  There is nothing better to stand upon.  Since Christianity contradicts the Torah in so many ways, I hope you will take the time to find out how and learn the truth about the church.

Copyright 2017 by:

William Bouker


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