What if the Bible Was Changed

Growing up in a Christian home, we had a lot of Bibles around.  We each had our own and there were others as well. I come from one of those families that only read the King James version.  It was the only Bible I’d ever read until I was an adult.  It wasn’t like we had discussions about other versions.  We weren’t told to not read them.  It was just what we had and what we read.  Little did I know that what I was reading was not real scripture.  It had been changed centuries earlier just so the church could make certain claims about jesus.  

For the last year or two of my Christian life, I began using different versions of the Bible. Doing research for a Christian book I wrote, (now unpublished), I used maybe four different versions.  I noticed that in some places these different versions could be quite varied.  I noticed also, that each version implied that it was the most authoritative.  This seems troubling to say the least.  One thing is for certain, they are different.  But does that mean anything?

It means a great deal.  We find in the Torah that the Torah cannot be changed.  I’ve heard people say this means that the Bibles they use are correct and an exact translation from the original.  Of course, none of these people read Hebrew.  Jews understand this to mean that we are not to change the Torah.  It doesn’t mean that a person can’t physically write it in a different way.  Some Christians believe that G-d would not allow such a thing.  But the evidence can be found with just a simple visit to your local book store. There are many versions of the Christian Bible and they are quite varied.  There are several Bible websites you can find with many versions of the Christian Bible.  If you have some time, take a look at some of these and see it for yourself.

The Jewish explanation is much better.  We are not to change the Torah, even by one letter.  We know that even if one changes the words on the page, the laws of HaShem are not going to change.  So why do Christian Bibles change them?  The answer is simple. They had to change the Bible in order for their claims to have merit.  They have never debated the validity of the Hebrew Scriptures.  If you ask a Christian if G-d gave the Torah at Sinai, they will answer yes.  The problem is that they do not know that what they call the Old Testament is not the same as the Hebrew Scriptures.  They think that their King James Bible is an exact translation of the Hebrew Scriptures.  They think it because that’s what it says.  If you open a King James Bible to the title page it says, “Translated out of the Original Tongues And with Previous Translations Diligently Compared and Revised.”  That is a mouthful.  Let’s dissect it a little.  What it is saying is that they translate from the original and mix it with other translations. My question is, why do they need to look at previous translations?  I assume the translators are competent enough to translate from one language to another.  That is, after all, their job.  So why compare what they translate with the work of others?  The reason is that if they did a straight translation of the Hebrew Scriptures the proof texts the church has always used to show Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures would not be there.  There is no other logical reason for a competent translator to compare and mix his work with others unless he doubts his own work.  I would like to think that if he had doubts about his own work, he would not take upon himself to translate such an important text.

I recently read an article about an ancient scroll that had been discovered in the ruins of an old synagogue.  It was badly burned and could not be unrolled because unrolling it would cause it to crumble.  New technology gave researchers the ability to digitally unroll it.  It was determined that the text on the two-thousand-year-old scroll, which predates Christianity, was identical to Hebrew scrolls of today.  This is because the process used to produce a new scroll is the same as it was then.  Every letter of every word is checked and rechecked.  In fact, if one makes a mistake in the production of a Torah scroll it is rendered not kosher and must be disposed of properly.

In light of this and other scrolls dating from the second temple period, it is clear that the church changed the scriptures.  This puts them in a position of mistrust.  How can one trust anything they say knowing that they changed the scriptures which they use to justify their very existence? What’s worse is that they have, down through the years, accused the Jewish people of altering their own scriptures in an effort to discredit the church.  What they have done through all of this is to have perpetrated an enormous fraud. There is no reason to believe anything they say.

There is no reason to believe anything they say.  Their claims that the messiah was born of a virgin do not exist in scripture.  They put it in. Their claims that the messiah would die and return from the dead are also not in scripture.  The story of the cross is a fabrication.  Their concept of replacement theology is also fabricated.  In short, every claim they make is false.  The proof texts they offer have been altered from the original or taken out of context.

For centuries, the church has been a trusted member of society. Only recently have people started to learn the truth.  If you would like to see a trusted translation of the Hebrew Scriptures, translated by actual Jewish scholars, please follow this link.  Once you start learning, you will find that the G-d of Israel has a plan for His people that is nothing at all like the plan the church has been selling all these years.  Furthermore, His plan is not only for the Jewish people.  His plan is for everyone.  You don’t need to convert to Judaism to merit a place in the world to come.  You just have to keep the Seven Laws of Noah.  These laws prohibit the worship of anyone else but the Creator of the Universe, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  So, if you are still a Christian, even though you live your life as the church says you must, you will not have a place in the world to come.

There is so much more than you have ever imagined with regard to spirituality.  You don’t need to ask anyone into your heart.  The fact is that everything in the universe, including you, is already a part of the creator. That’s right.  You are already a part of Him. Why not stop talking to you false messiah and treating him as a god and start talking to the Holy One, blessed is He.  He loves you but He hates the idolatry you are practicing. You can talk directly to Him without a middleman or in anyone’s name. Just talk to Him and learn His truth.  It is found in the Torah.

Copyright 2017 by:

William Bouker


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