Convert Corner is a place for those who are converting to Orthodox Judaism.  It is also a resource for those who are Bnei Noach as well as those who are simply trying to figure out where they belong.

There is a great change going on in the world today.  Many are turning away from the largest religion in the world because the truth of that religion is now being revealed.  I take it upon myself to help get the word out about this amazing time in history.  There are several anti-missionary sites and blogs out there.  I applaud what they are doing.  However, with Convert Corner, I am attempting to provide more than just proof that the Christian religion is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

As I learn, I try to relate these things to the reader.  There is so much out there to learn with regards to Jewish wisdom.  I try to bring some of these things to light as they relate to today.  I am not an expert in the field and I think that is a benefit to the reader.  The articles I write are intended to make the reader think and come to their own understanding of what the Torah says.  I don’t expect the reader to believe anything I write without first studying the concepts for themselves.  I invite your comments and will do my best to explain anything to the best of my ability.

I am a former Christian who is currently going through an Orthodox conversion to Judaism.  I spent years believing what I was told to believe by preachers and teachers who actually had very little knowledge of the G-d of Israel.  For this reason, I urge you to do your own study.  If I can give you a starting point, I have done my job.  It will be an amazing journey, one that will bring you enlightenment, peace, and hopefully a closeness to the Creator of the Universe that you have not known.