A Light to the Nations is dedicated to the study of the Bible and how that relates to us today. All scripture references, unless otherwise noted, are taken from the Complete Jewish Bible which is made available by Chabad.org.(used by permission)   In the Isaiah 49, G-d makes the Children of Israel a light to the nations.  Only recently has this fully come to fruition. People all over the world are seeking the truth contained in the Hebrew Scriptures.  The Jewish people have suffered at the hands of the other nations of the world for centuries.  Through it all, they have maintained the integrity of the Holy Scriptures and applied them to their lives, often times at great peril to themselves.

I am a former Christian.  Being born into a strong Christian household led me to study the Bible at a young age.  Over the years I slipped in and out of the church with varying degrees of involvement and leadership.  But I never stopped believing in the Creator of the Universe.  The history of the Bible and the people within it have always intrigued me.  Along with this interest, I have long been a student of human nature.  I attempt to employ both of these fields in my writing.  The study of the Bible, along with many hours of lectures led me to the realization that Christianity is nothing more than false doctrine.  There is nothing that the church teaches which stands up to scriptural scrutiny.  I will do my best to reveal this fact on this blog.

The light to the nations is getting brighter every day.