Three Sins

There are three sins which are far worse than all of the others.  They are idolatry, murder, and sexual immorality, in that order.  How is it that all three have slowly become an accepted part of society?  What is going on? Continue reading “Three Sins”


Be the Light Not the Lampstand

And He said, “It is too light for you to be My servant, to establish the tribes of Jacob and to bring back the besieged of Israel, but I will make you a light of nations, so that My salvation shall be until the end of the earth.”  Yeshayahu – Isaiah – Chapter 49:6 Continue reading “Be the Light Not the Lampstand”

What if the Bible Was Changed

Growing up in a Christian home, we had a lot of Bibles around.  We each had our own and there were others as well. I come from one of those families that only read the King James version.  It was the only Bible I’d ever read until I was an adult.  It wasn’t like we had discussions about other versions.  We weren’t told to not read them.  It was just what we had and what we read.  Little did I know that what I was reading was not real scripture.  It had been changed centuries earlier just so the church could make certain claims about jesus.   Continue reading “What if the Bible Was Changed”

The World is Waking Up

All across the world, unexplainable things are happening.  If it hasn’t come to your neighborhood, it certainly will soon.

Continue reading “The World is Waking Up”

The Reason for the Season

By now, you are probably quite close to being ready for the holidays. You’ve bought the gifts.  The menu is planned and preparations are well underway.  Many people like to remind us to remember the reason for the season.  It’s not about the tree or the lights.  Nor is it about Santa and the reindeer.  It’s about the birth of Jesus.  So let’s examine this a little.   Continue reading “The Reason for the Season”

What is Idolatry

For many people, the word “idolatry” brings to mind grotesque images of people worshipping Satan or slaughtering goats at midnight.  It might conjure up images of virgins being sacrificed to some pagan deity before a bonfire in the middle of nowhere.  Maybe it’s a Wiccan princess performing rituals in the forest or howling at the moon.  Whatever image comes to mind, it is always the image of somebody else. Continue reading “What is Idolatry”

Are You One of the 33,000

With over 33,000 denominations worldwide, Christianity is by far the most diverse religion in the world. That number comes from “World Christian Encyclopedia” by Barrett, Kurian, Johnson (Oxford Univ Press, 2nd edition, 2001). If this number seems high to you think for a minute about the other religions of the world. No other religion is quite as divided. One would think that the purpose of a religion is to bring people together. In Christianity, this simply is not the case. Protestants are by far the most divisive, although they might have you believe otherwise. Ask a protestant what they think about Catholics and see what kind of answer you get. The sad fact that none of them realise is that they came directly from the Catholic church. Continue reading “Are You One of the 33,000”