Can Your Life Change in an Instant

Sometimes it seems to us that life is nothing more than a never-ending series of misfortunes.  We find ourselves looking and waiting for the next bad thing to happen to us.  When the next one does come, we reinforce the thought within our minds that we knew something bad was coming.  It is said that we find what we seek.  If we look for the bad things that might happen to us, we will most definitely find them.  Fortunately for us, the opposite of this is also true.  When we look for the good, we will find it.   Continue reading “Can Your Life Change in an Instant”


When Should We Give Thanks

Give thanks to the Lord because He is good, for His kindness is eternal. Psalms 107: 1

It is customary to thank others when they do something for us.  I thank my wife when she brings my something.  I thank the store clerk when they help me find something.  I thank coworkers for helping me do things at work.  Most of us do this out of habit.  It is a way to show our appreciation for the things others do.  It’s a nice thing to do.  In recent years we are hearing the phrase thank you less and less.  Our focus has shifted from one of appreciation to one of expectation.   Continue reading “When Should We Give Thanks”