The World is Waking Up

All across the world, unexplainable things are happening.  If it hasn’t come to your neighborhood, it certainly will soon.

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What is Idolatry

For many people, the word “idolatry” brings to mind grotesque images of people worshipping Satan or slaughtering goats at midnight.  It might conjure up images of virgins being sacrificed to some pagan deity before a bonfire in the middle of nowhere.  Maybe it’s a Wiccan princess performing rituals in the forest or howling at the moon.  Whatever image comes to mind, it is always the image of somebody else. Continue reading “What is Idolatry”

What is Idolatry

In preparing this article, I looked at some of the definitions of idolatry from Christian sources.  They mention several things like worship of the sun, moon, or stars.  They mention statues and pictures.  Some go on to mention things in our everyday lives like our phones, money, and entertainers.  Most of their definitions fall short.  Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading “What is Idolatry”

Can We Choose How to Worship the Creator

In the story of the golden calf, we learn a very important fact about what HaShem will allow when it comes to worshipping Him.  As the story goes, Moses had gone up on the mountain and left his brother Aaron in charge of the people. Continue reading “Can We Choose How to Worship the Creator”