Learn the truth, through scripture, about the church and how they have been misleading us since their beginning.

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The church would have us accept that all of its teachings can be found in the Hebrew Scriptures.  They do not deny that the Hebrew Scriptures were given by G-d to Moses on Mount Sinai.  In fact, they count on it to perpetuate their teachings.  They hold that the scriptures are true and without flaw.  They also claim that Jesus is alluded to in every book of the Tanakh.  In this book, I will show you exactly how, through scripture, the church’s scriptural claims are false.  In short, you have been misled, and I am going to prove it to you through the very scriptures which the church holds to be true.  Everything they have been teaching for two-thousand years is nothing but lies.



There are many problems with the church’s concept of forgiveness. First, we must understand the sin sacrifice. Leviticus 4 outlines all the sin sacrifices. There are four. One is for the priest. One is for the whole community. One is for a leader. One is for the individual. All of these offerings are for sins committed unintentionally. It says “1 The Lord said to Moses, 2 “Say to the Israelites: ‘When anyone sins unintentionally and does what is forbidden in any of the Lord’s commands—”.(NIV) If Jesus was to be a sin offering for the entire community, how is it that he is called the ‘lamb’? The sacrifice for the community had to be a bull. “13 ‘If the whole Israelite community sins unintentionally and does what is forbidden in any of the Lord’s commands, even though the community is unaware of the matter, when they realize their guilt 14 and the sin they committed becomes known, the assembly must bring a young bull as a sin offering and present it before the tent of meeting.” (NIV)



The church claims Jesus is the son of G-d and the heir to the throne. An heir is someone who takes the place of someone after they die. Is the creator of the universe going to die someday? If Jesus is the heir, how can he be the suffering servant? The heir to the throne cannot be the servant. That is preposterous. The New Testament teaches that those who believe in Jesus become joint heirs. This is tricky. Can an heir make someone else an heir? Maybe. The church is said to be the bride of Christ and as such could be a joint heir. This idea doesn’t fit with Hebrew Law but let’s give them this one for the sake of argument. Where are the children of this marriage? Isaiah 53:10 says that the suffering servant will have children. Can his children be his bride as well? That is an abomination. There is no explanation to justify both of these together. On the one hand, the church says they are the bride of Christ. On the other hand, they will tell you they are the seed mentioned in Isaiah 53. They will never mention both of these in the same discussion. How could they? You can’t have it both ways. Are they children or are they the bride?